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Browse our collection of Dogwoof sports documentaries, featuring the likes of Maiden, Time Trial, The Ice King and more.



Citizen Ashe
1h 36m β€’ Sport β€’ 2021
The Last Rider
1h 36m β€’ Biography β€’ 2023
George Best: All By Himself
1h 32m β€’ Sport
1h 43m β€’ Sport β€’ 2022
Forever Pure
1h 25m β€’ Sport
1h 13m β€’ Sport
Time Trial
1h 22m β€’ Sport
Copa 71 (Theatrical Cut)
1h 31m β€’ Political β€’ 2024
1h 19m β€’ Sport
1h 36m β€’ Sport
Hoop Dreams
2h 52m β€’ Sport
1h 37m β€’ Sport
The Sanctity of Space
1h 42m β€’ Adventure
The Ice King
1h 29m β€’ Sport
Sachin: A Billion Dreams
2h 18m β€’ Sport
1h 53m β€’ Sport
The Fall: Decker vs Budd
1h 36m β€’ Sport
The Life and Trials of Oscar Pistorius
4 Episodes β€’ Sport
The Australian Dream
1h 45m β€’ Sport
Speed Sisters
1h 18m β€’ Sport
Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis
1h 17m β€’ Sport

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