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1h 43m Sport 2022

Take a moment to think of John McEnroe. One of the most successful tennis players of all time, a man who transformed the sport forever. Yet still best remembered for the hot-head, the temper, and that catchphrase. McEnroe, is the story of the rock ’n’ roll tennis outlaw. It goes beyond the cliché and gets to the heart of the man: a compelling, uncompromising, tormented figure. One of the most naturally gifted players to ever take to the court and also one of the most controversial. He became the most decorated male tennis star in the Open era, but in order to become the greatest, McEnroe had to beat the demons in his head as well as those on the court. He was World Number One in both men’s singles and doubles, won 156 titles in all, became the face of the tabloids and was dubbed McBrat by the British papers. He was the anti-hero. Nowadays, sport is full of superstars. But there aren’t many legends. John McEnroe is one. A man who dragged tennis kicking and screaming out of the country club and onto the front pages. For the first and only time, this is his story.


Barney Douglas



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