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Watergate: The Series Season 1

6 Episodes Political

The story behind America’s most explosive scandal, which brought down the presidency of Richard M. Nixon and sent over 40 people to jail.


Douglas Hodge (Richard Nixon)


Charles Ferguson


Ep 1 The Burglary


After Richard Nixon’s election, attacks from the media and the antiwar movement goad him to take the dark path to the Watergate burglary.

Ep 2 Coverup


The Watergate arrests lead to a vast coverup; but after Nixon’s landslide re-election, the coverup starts to unravel.

Ep 3 Things Fall Apart


As the coverup cracks, White House counsel John Dean turns on Nixon, a Senate committee is formed, and a special prosecutor is appointed.

Ep 4 U.S. v. Nixon


The Senate Watergate Committee and the Watergate Special Prosecutor confront Nixon in a deepening Constitutional crisis.

Ep 5 Blowback


The Saturday Night Massacre prompts impeachment proceedings and a Supreme Court confrontation.

Ep 6 Endgame


Impeachment votes, Supreme Court rulings, and further revelations seal Richard Nixon’s fate.

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