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On Her Shoulders

1h 35m β€’ Indie

Everything changed on the night of August 3rd 2014. Isis stormed Nadia Murad’s Yazidi community and killed 700 people. Men and elders were massacred, while women and children were forced into sex slavery. Nadia Murad eventually escaped and lived in a refugee camp until she came to Europe. As Nadia engages with the global media, she faces insensitive and personal questions about rape, while trying to address how people can help the surviving Yazidi community. With the director of Yazda, Murad Ismael at her side, and support from lawyer Amal Clooney, she prepares to present her case at the UN public hearing. On Her Shoulders is an intimate insight into the pressure of international scrutiny, and the resilience and courage of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner.




United States

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