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Nothing Lasts Forever

1h 27m β€’ Documentary β€’ 2023

Traversing the globe, filmmaker Jason Kohn (Manda Bala, Love Means Zero) journeys across America, Botswana, China and India on a high-stakes quest to investigate the deeply held myth that diamonds β€” the ultimate symbol of committed love β€” are indeed forever. In his travels, he befriends a besieged gemologist who is trying to warn the world that lab-grown diamonds are being mixed with mined, natural diamonds, but the industry he’s trying to save refuses to listen. Featuring an unforgettable cast of characters, from disruptors to miners, mixers and middle-men, Nothing Lasts Forever delves to the heart of what is real and what is fake, calculating the high cost of exposing the truth inside an industry built on secrecy.


Aja Raden


Jason Kohn


United States

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