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Million Dollar Pigeons

1h 32m β€’ Comedy β€’ 2022

When you think of legendary international racing events like Tour de France and the Boston Marathon, does pigeon racing also come to mind? Flying under the radar are a group of pigeon masters (or fanciers, as they like to be called) from the US, Thailand, China and South Africa, competing in one of the most lucrative bird races on the planet. Each event is stranger and more exciting that the last - but when scandal and corruption taint the crown jewel event, the entire community is rocked and the future of the sport is up in the air. Million Dollar Pigeons is a hysterical see-it-to-belive-it story with a cast of odd and charming characters that experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Fame, fortune and livelihood rest on the wings of these feathered athletes in this hilarious oddity.


Gavin FitzGerald



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