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Maurizio Cattelan: Be Right Back

1h 34m Art

Filmmaker Maura Axelrod fascinatingly excavates Maurizio Cattelan’s disruptive and indelible career as the preeminent art-world prankster of our time, interviewing curators, collectors and ex-girlfriends on what makes this most compelling of conceptual visionaries tick. Like the best mysteries, viewers emerge from this dizzying journey knowing everything and nothing about a man who, from his professional inception, ushered us into a dazzling hall of mirrors that enchants and perplexes to this day. Cattelan shook up the contemporary art world beginning in the late 1980s with a series of action-based installations including his first solo show in Milan, ‘Torno Subito (Be Right Back)’. Over his twenty-year career, he continued to provoke and inspire, culminating in an all-encompassing installation and retirement in 2011.


Maura Axelrod




United States

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