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The Films of Khalik Allah

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Khalik Allah is a New York-based photographer and filmmaker who practices Camera Ministry with an eye as open as his heart. The resulting work has been described as β€œstreet opera” and noted for its beautifully visceral humanity. Khalik is currently at work on his second photo book from 125th and Lexington.

Filmography: IWOW: I Walk on Water (2020) Black Mother (2018) Field Niggas (2015) Antonyms of Beauty (2013) Urban Rashomon (2013)

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IWOW: I Walk on Water
3h 19m β€’ Indie
Field Niggas
0m β€’ Indie
Black Mother
1h 17m β€’ Indie
Antonyms of Beauty
27m β€’ Indie
Urban Rashomon
21m β€’ Indie

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