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Watergate: The Series Season 1

6 Episodes Political

The story behind America’s most explosive scandal, which brought down the presidency of Richard M. Nixon and sent over 40 people to jail.


Ep 1 The Burglary


After Richard Nixon’s election, attacks from the media and the antiwar movement goad him to take the dark path to the Watergate burglary.

Ep 2 Coverup


The Watergate arrests lead to a vast coverup; but after Nixon’s landslide re-election, the coverup starts to unravel.

Ep 3 Things Fall Apart


As the coverup cracks, White House counsel John Dean turns on Nixon, a Senate committee is formed, and a special prosecutor is appointed.

Ep 4 U.S. v. Nixon


The Senate Watergate Committee and the Watergate Special Prosecutor confront Nixon in a deepening Constitutional crisis.

Ep 5 Blowback


The Saturday Night Massacre prompts impeachment proceedings and a Supreme Court confrontation.

Ep 6 Endgame


Impeachment votes, Supreme Court rulings, and further revelations seal Richard Nixon’s fate.

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