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Take Us Home: Leeds United Season 2

2 Episodes Sport

Following last season’s heartbreak, Leeds United embark on a new season with renewed hope of reaching the Premier League. Marcelo Bielsa’s side face Manchester United in Australia and with a revamped squad, Leeds look to set the pace in the Championship. But as Covid-19 arrives in the UK, will Bielsa’s players even get the chance to take the club home, to the promised land?




After the agony of missing out on promotion in the play-offs first time around, a new season has brought new hope for Leeds United and Head Coach, Marcelo Bielsa. But first, the squad must be revamped and big decisions taken on key players. Leeds will face Manchester United during pre-season in Australia and then look to set the pace in the Championship.

A New World


Leeds United are faced with major challenges as they bid to cope with the devastating impact of Covid-19. With the UK going into lockdown, will Marcelo Bielsa and his players even have the chance to win promotion back to the Premier League?

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