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In northern Kenya, a daily battle takes place over the area’s most notorious commodity: elephant tusks.

'X' is a poacher, who hires henchman to gather elephant tusks in the black of night. Asan works as a wildlife ranger, armed with a gun to fight off the poachers and protect the elephants. But he hasn’t been paid in months, and isn’t sure how he can provide for his family and remain on the right side of the law. As the government cracks down on poachers, tensions come to a head.

Director John Kasbe spent three years embedded in the community, earning trust which is reflected in extraordinarily intimate and surprising scenes. A timely, thought-provoking exploration of the shades of grey underlying the conservation divide.

★★★★ "A doc that feels more like a thriller" - Greer McNally, Time Out

★★★★ "Remarkable for its access to Kenya’s poachers" - Simran Hans, The Observer

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