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1h 35m Sport 2021

For a guy who grew up thinking only of Aussie Rules football, it’s almost a mistake Shane Warne became the greatest cricketer of a generation, and one of the greats of all time. Mastering the difficult art of spin bowling after being kicked out of football for not being a good enough player proved a pivotal choice for 19-year-old Shane - declared unfit and fat, he transformed himself. When success came, so did fame and adulation, money and prestige, but a betting scandal, drugs scandal, and affairs that cost him his marriage, threatened his career. From the lows of a 12 month ban he rebuilt his cricket, his career, and his reputation as one of the most ferocious competitors on the planet, admired and revered by millions around the world. – Featuring contributions from players including Sir Ian Botham, Sachin Tendulkar, Allan Border, Mark Taylor, Isa Guha and Ian Chappell, amongst many others.




Australia, United Kingdom

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