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Mouth to Mouth

1h 38m β€’ Drama

Sherry, a young runaway, meets the radical street collective SPARK - Street People Armed with Radical Knowledge - while living on the streets of Europe. They introduce her to a new life filled with substance. She travels through the continent in the SPARK van, recruiting members from street gangs and disenfranchised youth at raves and town squares finally settling in an abandoned vineyard in Portugal that will become their paradise. Harry, the group’s leader begins harvesting ripe grapes and ready minds through his own methods of hard work and punishment. The stakes are high within this volatile group. Sherry is searching for a place to belong where she can still be herself. She thinks she has found this in SPARK, but when her mother comes to find her, Sherry discovers that she must pay a heavy personal price for rebellion.

An adventurous coming-of-age story that follows young rebellious Sherry (Elliot Page) through Europe as she loses her illusions, virginity and lip ring; MOUTH TO MOUTH considers the fine line between acceptance and manipulation.


Alison Murray




United Kingdom

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